May 26, 2010

Type faster with Type Racer!


Typeracer simply is a typing game where your goal is to drive your car into the finish line by typing the given paragraph as fast as you can. The main purpose of this game is to improve your typing speed and have fun during the process. Typeracer also encourages a sport called "Competitive Typing"


SOUNDS EASY YOU SAY? well I tried it myself and I got 39 Words Per Minute, just about average for a normal web surfer I suppose. Your score depends mainly on your speed (WPM) but it also shows you how accurate you are on your typing skills compared to other "racers".


Just like any athletic pursuit, typing is a skill that honors speed and accuracy, and just like physical fitness, it gets better with practice! And any human ability that fits this description absolutely demands competition! With TypeRacer you do just that - improve your typing while competing with others. - Typeracer blog

So try out Typeracer now! and see how fast your fingers are! To give you (de)motivation, I'll show to you how good (no. awesome!.. no. super awesome!) the top 20 are.

racer 4.png

"Oh, Shit!"

Ready. Set. Go!

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