May 28, 2010

Bring Traffic to your site with Yavrim!

Untitled.png is a site wherein you can advertise your blog/site for free! Yavrim brings you REAL VISITORS to your blog (not the ones that look only in your blog but actually interact in your blog) with full efficiency. It deals with CLICKS not just only Impressions to your blog so you can assure that your blog will get that precious traffic that it needs.

Yavrim is really different from other sites that offers quality blog traffic. It deals with points and every point corresponds to one visitor who will visit your site. Earning points is really easy, you just have to answer a question about the blog that you are viewing (it's description), and mind you there are only two choices and if you got it wrong you still have a corresponding point to that! By that 'question' method, your visitor pays high attention to your site/blog so that it can get a higher point.


Yes, you'll need to work hard your precious traffic but that work really pays of in the long run. I've registered yesterday and I already got 20 unique visitors on my blog! (You might say that " its just 20, big deal") I would say that every visitor counts and with the help of their referral service you could get more!

In order to have my daily traffic guaranteed the first thing that I will do on a day is to go to Yavrim and earn points, and after that I could do whatever I want next, I go to Yavrim first just to get that traffic and so not to miss out on the oppurtunity.

So go ahead why not go to Yavrim and try this one out! It might not generate you that traffic that you want but with a little hard work, good content on your blog and with a help from Yavrim your blog will most likely be recognized!


(well you might think that I posted this just because I'm being paid, but "LockedUpMind" is not subscribed to any of that I think Yavrim really works and I'm impressed by it, but still It's my first day trying the service so anything can happen.)

(I'll give updates regarding my experience on Yavrim if you'd like)

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