May 23, 2010

50 ways to make your boring day into something FUN!


Nothing beats a relaxing day at the spa, a visit at the mall just to cool off, or even a fun time with your best buds, unfortunately you're just staying at home sitting for hours staring at the computer (which is now your best friend) constantly checking his/her facebook account if someone commented on his/her status yet.

Don't have any idea how to make your boring day into something FUN?

I made here a list of 50 ways to do just that!

1. Exercise!

2. Read a book/lesson


3. Watch something Funny!

4. Play board games!

5. Learn Something New!

6. Hang out with a friend.

7. Draw! Doodle!

8. Watch A movie!

9. Read a Web-comic or a Manga!

10. Play a Flash Game


11. Make your favorite dessert!

12. Talk to someone you haven't met before.

13. Write about something.


14. Learn a word you haven't heard of before

15. Listen to your favorite albums.

16. Work your brain.

17. Sing a song backwards

18. Begin all sentences with "Ooh, la la!"

19. Go to your favorite Fast food Restaurant

20. Play a sport!

21. See how long you can hold your breath.

22. Head to the spa!

23. Think of an invention

24. Make a stick bomb

25. Know the history of something.

26. Stumble!

27. Entertain/Annoy someone.

28. Do Something Random!!

29. Spend time with your pets

30. Make a video and upload it to YouTube

31. Fire up your imagination!

32. Start your own blog!

33. Ride a bike!

34. Do arts and Crafts.

35. Organize your room!

36. Read old magazines

37. Take a nap!

38. Learn a language

39. SMILE!

40. Sing out loud while taking a bath!

41. Write a song!

42. Reminisce.

43. Learn more about Science!

44. Act!

45. Make a new game!

46. Go creative with your camera!

47. Make your computer speak.

48. Make a life list!

49. Find out how things work

50. Leave comments on This blog!

Do you have more ways to make your boring day fun and entertaining?

Leave them in comments!

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