Jun 16, 2009

My First Day at Senior Year in High School

Run, RUN.RUN!!!

whew! My first day at 4th year high school is not the one that was expecting it to be. It was a day like any other, with different visions on what might be in store for me this year. An the story goes like this…


JUNE 15 - I woke up at 5:00 early morning from a very bad sleep (because I got a bit excited about this day) but nevertheless jump out on my bed and hurried to the dining room to see my delicious breakfast – corned beef with egg and cheese. YUM! I can already feel that same old routine, which I’ll be doing again and again until this school year ends.


Ate breakfast, Bathe in cold morning water, brushed my teeth, waxed my hair, prepared my things… Check, check, check,check and check. with my allowance given to me and some little extra things to freshen me up I’m ready to go to school!. A perfect weather for a first day, not sunny and not raining. I walked along the tricycle station nearby and zoomed my way at our school which, did I mention, was only  a walking distance from our house and I completely forgot about it that it was too late… WELCOME STUDENTS. Yippee! I’m on the school!


My room is at the 3rd floor. Section Judah. It was the first time that I didn’t bother asking who my classmates were because of our elective last year which was JOURNALISM so my classmates were still them with some slight changes on the line up.


whew! my room is nearly at the very end of the corridor, I feel excited with every step closer to my classroom…




That’s what the room was like.

I saw my old school mates already talking about how they miss each other and what was their summer vacation like. Yes, good old times for everyone. I took my “Kapitan Sino” book that I bought at Powerbooks in Trinoma just to keep me busy whenever I get bored.


The time was 8:30 when our adviser came into our classroom to orient us at 4th year life. She is a Filipino teacher, humorous, not too strict, a fine teacher. She talked about her experiences in teaching at school and she also told us some funny stories which the class enjoyed very much!


All is doing good!…

But Too good to be true…


It was recess when we found out that 5 persons from our class must transfer to another section so that the number of students will be balanced an to satisfy the number of students per section, this surprised everyone and disliked it, there has to be another way to this problem, but alas somebody has got to go… While everyone was still stunned about the situation and no one likes to volunteer to leave the class. There is only one way left to solve this problem.


Qualifying test.


About JOURNALISM of course. And the bottom 5 that will be the lowest in the class will have to leave the classroom and transfer to the other section. Everybody was stunned about the exam, we must do our best to stay at the class. The test is divided into three categories:

Subject – Verb Agreement


And it started today. June 16

So Ill just have to wait the results tomorrow to see if I made it on the class!

I have my fingers-crossed



…And that was my very unusual first day at 4th year high school…


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