Jun 2, 2009

Left 4 Dead 2 – Can you survive this?


No, you’re not looking at it wrong! The top-selling game of 2008 that rocked every Xbox 360s and PCs dead (or undead XD) has a sequel and I think this game is going to be better than its predecessor. With lots of features in store and new introduction to weapons.


I’m a big fan of zombies. And I’ve always wondered what would happen if a zombie invasion will start! That would be great right! (yeah, I don’t think so too. xD)


Moving on to L4D2.

Here’s the trailer of the game.

L4D2 Trailer

The sequel now introduces melee weapons in various and unusual kinds, hello Chainsaw!!. Have you tried smashing a zombie back to death with a frying pan? now you can!!



The game features new Survivors (what happened to Zoey, Bill, Francis and Louis?), new boss zombies, items and deeper cooperative game-play. Valve says the game is much larger than the Original L4D with more maps for survival mode, and Versus Campaigns.




The Release date is set for November 17, 2009 as an Xbox 360 and PC “exclusive”, Can’t wait!


I think the sequel is early for the game, and too early to change the survivors! I’m gonna miss the first survivors of the game. The names of the L4D2 survivors is still to come.



I guess they’re not going make new maps for the L4D1 because of the sequel, but no worries I expect to have better game-play and graphics than the original, well with that expectation I’m also going to expect higher System Requirements than L4D1 making it playable only for the rich ones. :) And if you’re thinking that I’m rich, I’ll tell you this I can’t even play the first L4D. hahaha


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