May 6, 2009

Windows Live SkyDrive - How to get 25GB Free Online Storage

Store 25GB of data with me!

Don't have enough space on your computer to put your beloved images from your summer vacation or your own fail videos of your relatives or maybe that album of your favorite songs? why not store it online?

In search of free online Storage sites I recently stumbled this site from Microsoft about SkyDrive and  It works great! I'm planning to put some of my files on SkyDrive because of its security features and tons of other cool stuff for you to enjoy!

Windows Live SkyDrive Interface - excluding the Jell-O

With WLSD (Windows Live SkyDrive) you can:

  • Store up to 25 gigabytes (GB) of photos and files. The SkyDrive storage meter shows how much storage space you've used.
  • Arrange your files in top-level folders (A folder that appears in the Documents, Favorites, or Photos sections on the Windows Live SkyDrive home page. Also known as a root folder.)  and subfolders  (A folder that you create inside a top-level folder.)  that you create. For more information, see Create a top-level folder and Create a subfolder.
  • Choose permissions  (A setting that lets you limit who can see and download files from your folders.)  for each top-level folder that you create. Keep your photos, files, and favorites in personal folders  (Only you can view or edit files in this top-level folder. You can use personal folders to store private files.)  so only you can access them; in shared folders (Only you and people that you select can view photos and files in this top-level folder.For each person that you allow to access the top-level folder, you can assign the role of reader or editor.)
so you can share them with your Windows Live network, your extended network (The people in your network on Windows Live—your Windows Live Messenger and profile contacts—plus the profile contacts of the people in your network.) , and people on your contact list (A list that contains the name and e-mail address of each of your contacts.) ; or in public folders  (Anyone on the Internet can view photos and files in this top-level folder, but only you can edit the photos and files.)  so that they can be viewed by anyone on the Internet.


well Ok here are some simple steps toget your free 25GB online storage by SkyDrive

  1. First off, obviously, go to the SkyDrive Homepage (opens in a new window). Or you can just google it out for yourself.
  2. Create you Windows Live ID. Signing up is easy! but you should have a valid Email-ad to verify your account.
  1. Once you have created your Windows Live ID and verified your account on your e-mail, it's time to log-in to your account on Windows Live SkyDrive!
  2. That's it, you're done! start uploading.
  3. Comment on LockedUpMind after wards if you got it right.
  4. Thanks!

The Interface is not bad, 25GB is enough for typical blogger or for someone who wants their data or file be available on the web. The security is awesome and it's user-friendly for those who might be new to web storing or web storage sites. If you're looking for a free 25GB on the web to be added on your online Hard Drive you might want to check this out. Afterall it's 25GB and it's free.

don't forget that lovely comments and suggestions out there!

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