May 28, 2009

McDonalds’ Larger Fries hits Pinoy Stores After a stroll at Tandang Sora Avenue a moment ago I went to the nearby McDonalds store to get myself a refreshment, a coke float specifically, and while waiting in line I saw poster that caught my eye…


The McDonalds there has a new size for their fries and it’s LARGER than its predecessor, and it is called “Large Fries” :) . Yep, from the looks of it i think it is really larger than ever, and you can get it for just P55 pesos (about a dollar). The pricing of the sizes of the Fries are as follows:

 Large Fries

Size Price Difference
Regular P25 -
Medium* P45 P20
Large P55 P10
*Medium is the ‘old’ large (but I think you know that already xD, just for the sake of formality)

For just P10 you can upsize your medium fries to a much larger one, pretty clever for McDonalds eh? well if your up for it, then you can buy it. What does this new size of fries tell us?Is McDonalds starting to experiment on the new size of their products to see if the “Pinoys will bite on the size increase”?

Well Pinoys like the rest of the world (maybe) likes to have the best deal on the list. “MORE Content, CHEAPER price” they will have more to eat in less the price and that way you save money if you compute it yourself.

However, there is always a consequence on that choice

 From the looks of it I think, McDonalds will eventually upsize all of their foods in a matter of years, or maybe months here in the Philippines, maybe in a year or two you will see “SUPER SIZE” on the screen just like what they’re serving in the United States and Other Countries. What will this end up to? maybe just like the millions of Fast-food fans around the world who are now obese or over-weight because of too much intake of ‘Fats and Carbs’ in their system with the help of less exercise and a poor lifestyle, its the perfect ingredient of “fast weight gain”


It’s not bad to eat these foods, as the saying “MODERATION IS KEY” If Pinoys will take these foods moderately and live a healthy lifestyle, this will not pose a threat to the average weight of the Filipinos around the country.  And one good thing about us Filipinos is around 87% of the Pinoys are weight conscious, if not higher (according to my statistics xD).

I’m not complaining about the fast-food stores around the world, hey it’s their way of earning money,  it’s business what do you expect? I’m just giving you information about it and how you handle these situations and how you care about yourself is all up to you. : )






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