May 29, 2009

Inside Look at SM North Edsa’s Newest Attractions – Sky Garden and The Annex


DSC02986 (Large)

SM North is my favorite mall by far, maybe because this is my type and because I grew with it (kinalakihan ko na kasi) and it always keeps me company and I feel entertained when I’m taking a walk there or just to treat myself. After SM North’s installment of the building also known as “THE BLOCK”, which gave the mall its nickname, the expansion of the mall is just starting. With its newest attraction the SKY GARDEN – an elevated garden in front of the mall, and the SM ANNEX – the newest building that generally houses many technological stores and features.


Old SM NORTH SM_north_edsa


… TO THIS :)

I’m sorry for the dark clouds, it’s a rainy day when I shot the pictures below :D



SkyGarden_ text

Because of the worldwide concern on Global Warming, Climate Change, Greenhouse Effect, etc. I think SM made a good decision of building a garden at the skies of the North Edsa. The Sky Garden at SM allows you to see for yourself the busy roads of Edsa while listening at the relaxing music that keeps the ambience balanced. Try to mingle and have a chat with your peers to the eateries and restaurants available at the vicinity, or sit down at coffee shops, get your laptop and enjoy the free WiFi at SM.


Professional photographers and amateur ones or someone who has a camera at their bags (just like me :D) can share the sights and sceneries that await them on their stroll at the long garden.

 SkyGarden_triangle North Edsa Padi's Point @ sky gardenUnusual_flower Photographers take a pic sky gardenCool_roofing A view @ Sky Garden Inside the Green Cave Roofing at the Cave

And It’s also filled with gorgeous plants and shallow ponds to give you that peaceful feeling you’ve been waiting for. Just watch your step okay. :D

Oops! don't walk too close Beautiful flower

It also has it’s own concert place called “Amphitheater” or simply “the Dome”

more like a UFO to me


To finish the Sky Garden tour here’s my shot of a somewhat aerial view of the Sky Garden


Next Stop. SM North Edsa’s Annex

To the Annex

The Annex is my kind of place! I like technology, gadgets, computers, internet, and other stuff! Have you heard that the Annex at SM North is home for the LARGEST CYBERZONE of all SM Malls, no wonder I like this place. 


Technology is almost everywhere here! just look at the directories. Yep, they are touch-screen. want to find a particular store that might be at the Annex? Let the interactive directory point you the location

Where is the Cyberzone?Touch Screen Directories

the Annex has some colorful stores and futuristic designs, did I mention It has amazing lighting patterns and lines?

Amazing stair patterns ceiling light patterns Activity Area Follow the Lights cool lampshades Can you find me? :) black hole? Long way down! plus. plus. plus. more pluses

What I like about the Annex is that it has all of your Computer tech. needs in one place. Gadgets, Computer games, PSP casings, Ipod covers, Bargain Computer parts, YOU NAME IT THEY HAVE IT! :D


They even have PS3 and XBOX 360 Rentals for P80 an Hour (if I’m not mistaken)

PS3 rentals PS3 rentals XBOX 360 Rentals

They also have a Bowling Alley at the ground level of the building so you bowling enthusiasts might want to check it out!


And That’s SM North Edsa’s newest and must-see attractions if you happen to go there, don’t worry because you will easily find it there. Do you want larger versions of my pictures? you can contact me if you want! ^^


Have you visited any malls lately? Or do you have your favorite mall of all time?

Why not share it to everyone by commenting below? :) thanks!

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