May 26, 2009

How to add ‘Related Posts’ to your site with “LinkWithin”

image LinkWithin is an amazing widget that you want to put in your site, as it links three related posts from your archive under each post and has the cool ‘Photo Thumbnails’ feature!


I just included this feature on my blog a while ago (see LockedUpMind Blog Updates) and its great!

Link Within Screenshot

It’s also a great way to increase your traffic and lets your visitors to jump from one post to another, and the best part is that it can retrieve your old posts that you’ve written last week or a year ago that is still interesting to many and new visitors can easily see it!


So you want yourself a LinkWithin Widget?

Follow these easy steps!

1. Go to the Link Within website

2. See the form at the right? Fill that one up with your Email, your blog URL, and the blogging platform that you use (Blogger, Wordpress, TypePad, etc.) and click on the GET WIDGET button.


3. If you chose ‘other’ on the platform it will give you the LinkWithin code.

LinkWithin code

4. Just copy/paste the code on your blog and Voila! your done!


Tip for Blogger Users:

I’m sorry I can’t give some tips on other platforms because I only have an account on Blogger.


To make LinkWithin appear below each of your post Log In to your blogger account and go to


Layout > Edit HTML > Click on ‘Expand Widget Templates’ check box

after you’ve done that use find (Ctrl + F) and type data:post.body and you will be directed on the <p><data:post.body/></p> tag



Place the LinkWithin Code below the <data:post.body> tag (boxed in red)


Then click on Preview if you think you’ve got it right, If not click on clear Edits and start again


Finally, When you’re happy with the results Click on Save Template and your done! that wraps up the Link Within Tutorial!

Don’t Forget to leave some comments!

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