May 12, 2009

David Archuleta And David Cook LIVE IN MANILA!

This is what Manila is long been waiting for! The American Idol superstars, David Cook and David Archuleta is going to perform right here in Manila this May 16 at the (MOA) Mall Of Asia: Open Grounds, produced by Fearless productions. Sweet!

It is David Archuleta's first time to go here at the Philippines and David Cook is going to have another concert right here. They're is excited to see their Filipino fans, I think the Filipinos out there better buy their tickets now here and here and at any SM supermalls. Wow, how I wish to go there and see the two Davids on stage! but MOA is too far from where i'm living, oh well I guess I'll just havw to wait if ever SOMEONE out there invites me to go there and give me free tickets WHAT ARE THE ODDS THAT IT MIGHT HAPPEN, right? .
BTW there's a live interview of David Archuleta right here if you want to check it out. He was asked about going to the Philippines and stuff.

And if you're not yet convinced of watching the show, why not the two Davids invite you to come and watch them! pretty cool!

That's it for now! Have fun watching the Concert!

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