May 9, 2009

The 39 Clues - Mystery-filled Book Series

I saw this book at 'National BookStore: SM North Edsa' and It caught my eye. The book is called "The 39 Clues" by Rick Riordan and it readily amazed me by its mystifying secrets, well i'm usually at the humor section but I like a little mystery at my book shelf. So I bought it for P495 and head straight back home to open the seal and found the 6 free cards included inside the book (it has a cool storage system of some sort for the card). And so I sat on our living room and thus the adventure of Dan and Amy Cahill starts.

It all started with Grace Cahill who changed her 'will' moments before he died. That was a big loss for Amy and Dan Cahill as Grace, their grandmother, is the only one who cared and loved the two. At the funeral, Family members are invited to hear about the 'will' including Amy and Dan. The reading of the will was only for the selected family members who got the invitation, it was read by Mr. McIntyre.

Dan Cahill

As the will was read Amy and Dan found out that the Cahill is one of the most powerful family in human history but the source of the wealth that will make the one who find it will be powerful is in the form of 39 Clues and they are given two choices - Take a MILLION DOLLARS and walk away or get the FIRST CLUE that will be your only inheritance? Amy and Dan took the clue - And together, they begin a very dangerous adenture.
Amy Cahill

The 39 Clues THE MAZE OF BONES is an adventure-filled mystery book. Now, about the free game cards available on the book you can go to the 39 clues website and inscribed on every card is a code that when typed to the website makes the cards appear online! Cool huh. I have putted my own cards on the site. The Books 2 (ONE FALSE NOTE) and 3 (THE SWORD THIEF) is now available at your local Bookstores! and the next book (BEYOND THE GRAVE) will be availabe by the first week of June.

It is said that Steven Spielberg will direct 'the 39 clues' movie and will be distributed by DreamWorks Pictures. I will surely wait for its Premiere!


The 39 Clues is a totally amazing book to read. Filled with Mysteries and Adventures that will take you to every corners of the world. An amazing thing is that while reading and followig the adventures of Amy and Dan Cahill you are actually Learning! an awesome and entertaining way to learn isn't it? Did you know that Benjamin Franklin used the pseudonym Richard Saunders? and I read that in the book! why not Try the book and I'm sure that you will like it. I'm planningto buy all the 10 Books! (well If I got the money)

If you we're Amy and Dan would you choose the MILLION DOLLARS? or the FIRST CLUE?
you decide!

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