May 14, 2009

15 Very Strange Phobias

Phobia - comes from the Greek word Phobos meaning fear or fear of. All people have some fears one way or another, like me who is afraid of the very mischievous COCKROACH and its bug cousins, and I think that its normal to have that whether it came from a really bad situation or you're born with that fear. But today I have compiled 15 very unusual phobias to be feared of and I think life would be very difficult for them.

Let's start of with:

Ablutophobia - a persistent and unwarranted fear of bathing, washing or cleaning. It is common on babies and kids and women who are believed to be very emotional.
Anthophobia - the fear of flowers. Though sufferers generally understand that they face no threat from flowers, they invariably experience anxiety at the sight or thought.
Who would be afraid of this man!
Arrhenphobia - a strange fear of the millions and millions of MEN in this world.
Arithmophobia - a great fear of numbers and calculations. Here's to scare you off: 3478956412752389462398564190547238478564095732894732895685978973
Odontophobia - fear of teeth . Here's a grin for you Well it's not really fear of teeth, it's a fear of having dental procedures - FEAR OF THE DENTIST.
Dipsophobia - fear of drinking alcohol or alcoholic beverages. I'm sorry but you can't be like this >>
Barophobia - the strange fear of gravity. No, don't sue Newton and his apple.

Bibliophobia - fear of books.Got a hard time on school isn't it? LET'S GO TO THE LIBRARY!
Chromatophobia - the strange fear of colors. I prefer closing your eyes, WAIT you'll see black!
Cibophobia - fear of food itself. This phobia is highly complicated and devastating to the person suffering from it.
Phonemophobia - fear of thinking or thoughts. Maybe from a bad experience of something
Phonophobia - fear of loud sound, voices or even, at strange cases, fear of their own voice.
Venustraphobia - fear of very beautiful and attractive women. Some guys or men feel intense fear when a beautiful woman is around them, this results in poor social performance with women which leads to further intensifying of the Venustraphobia.
Phobophobia - the fear of phobias- That's got to be rough, you don't even have a phobia, yet you obsess so much so that you create a phobia of phobias.

PANPHOBIA - Fear of everything! The sufferers may believe that everything is evil and demonic that they have a fear of everything

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