May 8, 2009

10 Flash Games You Might Enjoy
Got nothing to do on the internet world today? Yeah, sometimes it's really boring if you do the same stuffs over and over again right? why not play a game or two to exercise your smart brain of yours and at the same time still hae some fun or why not reminisce and relive the old times by enjoying the good old games you spent on hours with just to get to the final stage and realize that you wasted 1 whole week of your life? Well I'm here to give you 10 Flash games that you will surely enjoy and you will keep coming back for more!

1. Dice Wars!
by Game DesignAs the name implies Dice Wars is a strategy game that takes skill and luck at the same time, it's a great game as you take on other enemy dice territories and expand your freakin dice nation! A really addictive game that you will enjoy for hours!

2. Domino Pressure
by Game Design
You click a Domino to knock over all the rest of the other dominoes and hit toe tomato. There should be no Domino left untoppled or else you lose your precious time, yup there's a 20 sec. time limit for every level (minus the number of dominoes that stood up). Despite the gameplay I think it's worth playing. check it out.


by Game Design

Yes, another Game Design Flash game. Did I mention they're good at doing this kinda stuff? Ok moving on... Crossword is not your ordinary Crossword game. Because there are no clues on what word that particular vertical or horizontal line is, you have to figure it out for yourself. I know seems hard doesn't it? well not really, because the boxes are somewhat highlighted if you click them so that you know that they are the same letter, you get the idea. If you don't get it I'm not good at explaining things. Another addictive game if you ask me!

4.School Wars
Yup, by Game DesignSchool wars is a strategy game wherein you compete with other school gangs with differentcolored uniforms and you infiltrate or destroy their base. A pretty good game (excluding the graphics, which might need an upgrade but nonetheless great) but rather quite hard (well i don't know but i haven't won a single game)

5.Chat Noir
For the last time
by Game Design

Chat Noir is a Freakin' Annoying game where you keep a black cat from escaping the area filled with big green dots. You need to click the dots to make the color darker an the cat can't cross the dot (maybe they are cat droppings) the game is taking turns, if you click a dot that cat will move a step and so on. If you want to annoy yourself play the game!

The 5 below are some of the old-school-type games but they're still worth playing. Ok to tell you in advance I got these game in NeaveGames so that I wouldn't place it below. Plus these games can be placed on your site for you and your viewers to enjoy.

6. Snake
Yup it's snake. the game that keeps you company everywhere with the use of your 'Nokia' phones is now upgraded and available to your PC

7. Space Invaders
The aliens are back! and this time you can now use your Computer to crush them on their invasion!.

8. Asteroids
The game that takes you to outer space and beyond. to crush the asteroids to rubble. Seriously what is that spaceship doing in the space filled with asteroids?

9. Tetris
Yup Tetris the popular game you enjoyed on your brick games. Do you fit perfectly? :)

10. Simon
This game will test your momory skills to the limits! now simon says blue-yellow-yellow-green-blue-green-red-red-yellow-green-red-blue-blue-red-green...

Now that's your 10 Flash Games! got any more amazing flash games to enjoy? just place it at the comments section below and I might place it here at this post. Don't Forget ot leave some comments!

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