Apr 4, 2009

LockedUpMind Blog design updates

image here’s the changes for LockedUpMind in terms of design of course, if you haven’t noticed it yet read more to view the changes!:


PLACED A 'FAVICON' – Yay!  LockedUpMind now has a favicon! pretty cool huh!? xD


    PLACED A 'POST RANDOMIZER' – Double Yay! a Post Randomizer to view a random post to my blog!


    PLACED 'SUGGESTION BOX' – For all your Suggestions (duh.) and your Comments, leave some love people!


    PLACED 'RECENT COMMENTS' – In honor of the good guys out there who left some comments! you can be a good guy too if you’ll leave some ^^ (yay!)

    image PLACED 'Kuya RSS' – I have a new buddy and I named him Kuya RSS, and he’s there to make you subscribe on my feeds.

    image don’t worry, he’s getting paid on the hour, SUBSCRIBE TO MY FEEDS AND NOBODY GETS HURT! bwahahaha!


    And if you guys are curious about what “Kuya” mean, its the tagalog term for “brother”, add that to your dictionary.


    That’s for blog updates.. I’LL POST again when there are changes in my blog…

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