Apr 14, 2009

How to make a stick bomb!


A stick bomb is a mechanical explosive device constructed out of flat sticks woven together under tension. There were also German explosive devices used in both World Wars that were known as 'stick bombs' . Other names for stick bombs include Chinese stick puzzles, and frame bombs.

Stick bombs made with craft/Popsicle sticks are capable of throwing sticks well over a meter. Also, they can detonate spontaneously due to warping or a weak stick. Therefore, it is necessary to wear safety goggles when making stick bombs, especially when using the smaller craft/Popsicle sticks. Also, it's advisable to not detonate a stick bomb close to somebody's face for the same reason.


This is a great way to have some fun (and to have revenge) using simple items, YOU SEE, SCIENCE IS FUN! What better way to spend your summer with a BANG!



I'm planning on to make one for myself! now I only have to eat 5 popsicle to do that! wew!

and I’ll make simultaneous explosion of these things.. yeah, that would be great.!


Why not make one for yourself people and lets have a bang!

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