Apr 4, 2009

Find (and delete) Duplicate Files With DupKiller

dupkil DupKiller finds duplicate files on your system to free up that valuable disk space that has been wasted. With other ingenious features in store its a must-have to be installed in your Computer

DupKiller (short for Duplicate Killer) is one of the fastest and the most powerful tools for searching and removing duplicate or similar files on your computer. Complicated algorithms, built in its searching mechanism, perform high results — rapid file search. A lot of options allow to flexibly customizing the search.DupKiller A very fast and comprehensive duplication-search application indeed, after I tried using it i already noticed the fast goodness! And I’m shocked to find that I have 1.90GB of wasted space, i later found out that its all pictures and music because my sister created another folder and copied the files, so i deleted them anyways, and i got bruises and 3rd degree burns because of it, ok so i’m over reacting xD… moving on to the review…

saklgs;lkjfs It also groups the duplicated files and shows their file names to quickly distinguish what you want to delete without deleting that valuable file.

And here are the other features of DupKiller (as seen on their Offiical wabsite)

  • Simple installation program with un-install option.
  • Easy to use graphical user interface.
  • Freeware.
  • No nag screens or delays of any kind.
  • No adware/spyware or other "hidden features".
  • No limitations on number of files, folders or drives.
  • Search for duplicate files on local PC and over the network (partially).
  • Works with all removable media devices such as floppy disk, CD/DVD-ROM, USB devices, etc.
  • Allows important folders or file types to be excluded from scanning.
  • Search any folder or drive combinations for duplicate files.
  • Load and save search results and program settings.
  • Last search results and settings automatically saved on program exit.
  • Delete files to Recycle Bin or directly from hard disk.
  • Open windows explorer in a matched files directory to check the contents of the folder/file.
  • Image preview for graphic and text files.
  • Statistics for duplicate files, disk space used by duplicate files and number of duplicate files.
  • Statistics for amount of hard disk space freed after deleting duplicates.
  • Automatic deletion with wildcards feature.
  • Fast search algorithm with various search options:
    • Match by file content (binary file compare).
    • Match by file name.
    • Detect similar names.
    • Match by file size.
    • Match by file type.
    • Match by file date and time.
    • Skip zero length files.
    • Minimum and maximum file size searching.
    • Enable inexact comparison (some per cent matching).
    • Turn scanning of hidden/system/read-only/archive files and folders on or off.
    Plugin support.
    1. When you’re removing files on DupKIller the files will be moved to the recycle bin by default, to make it easier and quicker, choose Permanently delete files.
    2. Another tip, also about deleting, is un-checking the Confirmations checkboxes – because when you delete your files you will be asked if you really want to delete your files (well of course yeah!) which is really annoying, especially if you want to deleted the files that you have selected all at once. UN-CHECKING the confirmations fixes that problem.
    DupKill Download 4MB


    Or go to their Website at http://www.dupkiller.net/ for more details.
    Thank you!
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