Apr 28, 2009

Fail Toys by Mike Mozart

Over hundreds of funny, cool and crazy toys to buy on toy stores join, YouTube sensation, Mike Mozart and his search for the most outrageous toy ever made with over millions of views and thousands of subscribers waiting for his next toy review. Just to give you an example of his videos, i managed to embed a video to my site. You decide for yourself if the toys that were reviewed by hin is totally inocent or totally obscene!... Now let's give a big round of applause to Mike Mozart!

FAIL Dora the Explorer AquaPet FAIL TOYS Review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

I hope this video is worthy enough for you. Don't forget to leave some comments below or on the suggetsions box!

Do you think the toy companies should double check their toy designs before they release it to the public? or is this problems just in the minds of the buyers? you decide! xD

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