Apr 9, 2009

The BIG RSS Feed Experiment! Subscribe now!

Click on the link to know more about this experiment!

GOTCHA! now click on the image!!

Thank you for clicking on the link! now you’re here you must obey my every command! bwahahaha! Click on the BIG RSS BUTTON NOW!!!… Well ok you can do whatever you want^^ Just to let you know visitor that you are not subscribed yet to LockedUpMind!!… The main objective of this experiment is to let me know how many persons can it attract in a day… and since you’re here on this page please subscribe on my feeds! and leave a comment below (or on the Suggestions Box) so that I can Thank you for participating on my experiment! Click on me!

This Experiment was first seen on dailyblogtips.com and it inspires me to do one for my blog… ^^

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