Apr 8, 2009

9 Must Have PSP Applications/Plugins


PSP Applications always helped PSP users around the world, making their beloved handheld more user-friendly than ever before. Well if you still haven’t decided out of the thousands of Apps out there on the Internet, I have made a list of Applications that you will surely need on your PSP… Here we go!


  1. Netfront Internet Browser (beta)

    You know, Sony limits our memory in Internet Browser. So we cannot play big flash games and open big web sites. This mod removes this limitation. And you can use all of the memory that your PSP has. If your PSP is Fat, the HighMemMod uses all of 32 MB RAM. If your PSP is Slim, the HighMemMod uses all of 64 MB RAM!!!
    Now the browser loads your pages in very short seconds!
    You can play your online flash games fast, but this cool Application is still in Beta so you may experience some bugs and problems when you use it.

  2. FuSa Screenshot

    FuSa Screenshot allows you to take a clear screenshot of your PSP screen. Now you can have a screenshot of you favorite game or show to your friends your powerful Lv. 100 character of some kind and rub it in to your friends. Have fun!

  3. Ultimate PSPTubeimage

    Ultimate PSPTube, of course, allows you to access videos and watch them straight to your PSP - with full audio people!! how cool!

  4. AdHoc File Transfer

    Ever want to have a multiplayer game with your friend but you found out that they don’t have that game? Luckily there’s AdHoc File Transfer to back you up! It lets you transfer ANY FILE on your PSP directory WIRELESSLY, and the best part is… You can game share this application! no need to worry if they don’t have AdHoc File Transfer on their PSP!

  5. Unofficial gPSP – GBA Emulator for PSPimage

    Still devoted to GBA? well this is a good APP for you! It lets you to play your favorite GBA games right on to your PSP (I tried it with my PSP with the game KH: chains of memories, and Pokemon Sapphire. it’s really cool!). All you need is ROMs which can be found on the internet.

  6. Power Manager v2.1

    A plugin that allows you to lengthen battery life by controlling the amount of power used by the PSP in various ways. You can also unlock the 5th brightness level on the PSP which is the highest possible.

  7. Hold v3.42

    When you put your PSP on hold the LCD and backlight will turn off. This is useful for saving battery when listening to music. You can still scroll through the music you're listening too with the PSP in this mode. Together with Power Manager v2.1 You will surely save power and enhance battery life on your PSP.

  8. Bookr

    An application that can read PDF and TXT files. So you can easily read your PDF files on your PSP. Just like me when I have walkthroughs on a particular game and I use my computer to read it (alright i SELDOM read walkthroughs only when i’m stuck on a game). Using this application i can now read it with the use of my PSP and save Electricity! cool huh?

  9. Custon Firmware 5.00 m33-6

    Well ok this is not actually an Application. but it’s now available to download!
Well that’s my top 9 list! Leave some comments below or Suggestions on the SUGGESTION BOX at the right. If you want I’ll put some download links of these APPS, just comment me for that particular APP/s that you want and i’ll give you the link ASAP!


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