Apr 12, 2009

5 Cool Sites of the Week [3rd wk April]

cool sites

Here are 5 cool sites that I’ve seen lately this week at the ever growing World Wide Web. Please note that the sites below might need some subscriptions from their sites at certain circumstances, and I also make sure that there no malicious content on the sites that I will give.



What is Pentrix? Pentrix is a web site designed to educate people about the art of Pen Spinning. Since early 2000, its predecessor, Pentix, have been helping pen spinners around the world learn and improve their skills. With articles, tutorials, videos, and a tricks database, I hope you'll find everything you need about pen tricks here.



Coin manipulation involves performing tricks with coins such as walking a coin across the back of the knuckles or flipping and twirling two coins about each other. This site collects all the coin tricks that I know of and teaches how to do them with a combination of text, images and video. The tricks range from simple ones that can be learnt in minutes such as the Coin Spin or the One Finger Spin to more complex tricks such as the Coin Walk or the Roll Down that take months or years to perfect.



The free recyclable personal organizer, PocketMod! It lets you create your own mini organizer in just minutes, and the best part is you can print it for yourself! With many “Widget Pages” (the pages that you would like to show on a specific page) to choose from your organizer will be very unique from the rest!



Favicons (favorite icons) are the small images that are associated with a website. They will be displayed on the address bar, on browser tabs, and in the bookmark list.

Getting a favicon has never been easier with favicon.cc! If you don't find one that has already been created and published on favicon.cc under the Creative Commons license, you can get creative yourself. It's really easy. Just try it out!


image Oddee.com attracts over a million visitors reading more than 6 million pages per month. Focused on the odd, bizarre and strange things of our world, its daily articles and sections explore subjects from Science to Advertising and Technology.


There’s the top 5 for this week! tune in again next week for the top 5!

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