Apr 3, 2009

15 Most Unfortunate town names

imageTrust me when you’re residing in here better leave now or be humiliated for the rest of your life





Penistone, UK (photo by John Nguyen/Ross Parry Agency)

You don’t want to mess with these guys, they’ll stone you to death.


Middelfart, in central Denmark (photo by Alana Berrington)

Better wear some gas masks if I were you.

image Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada (photo by Jcmurphy)

Oh sure, maybe Canada found some dildo in the “New Found Land”

image Fucking, Austria.

F*cking Austria indeed.

imageTitty Ho, UK (photo by joelpeck)

and the people who live there are called “Tittynesians”

imageCrapstone, UK (photo by chris_kh_poh)

That is so obvious.


Intercourse, Pennsylvania, USA

If you liked the name, maybe you’ll like the Souvenir’s Shop

imageAccident, Maryland, USA (photo by oh candy)

Billions and Billions of people slipped

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