Mar 28, 2009

Top 33 Things to do this summer!

Hayy bakasyon na naman! tapos na ang isang taon na madugong pag-aaral sa eskwela, hindi na kailangang gumising ng maaga, wala ng aalalahaning mga projects at mga quizzes (hayy salamat! xD) goodbye muna sa mga classmates at mga kaibigan sa school at sa mga teachers [yes! xD] kaya lang boring minsan pag wala kang ginagawa sa bahay at para bang gusto mong tumalon sa labas ng bahay niyo sa kalye para lang maiba ang araw mo… Mahirap talaga pag walang maagawa, gumawa na ang tao ng iba’t – ibang paraan para lang may magawa at may mapagkaabalahan sa buhay – at hindi kasama dyan ang pagkalikot na ilong mo araw-araw yikes!.


May naisip na ba kayong mga pwedeng gawin sa bakasyon? kung hindi pa may mga listahan ako para hindi naman masyadong boring ang summer mo! haist! haha (english tong part na to ah! sige na pagbigyan niyo na ‘ko xD): Click to read more! ^^

  1. Make a blog – and tell the world about you and your life or your interests.
  2. Buy/Play board games – it enhances and works out your brain and it promotes bonding time to your friends and family. hehe
  3. Study! – studying your books and recalling your past lessons will get your brain ready for the next school year to come.
  4. Do some chores – make your vacation meaningful! help your parents in any way you can, or if you’d like, have some conditions with them for example: you will clean the whole house but you will be paid for it, that way you’ll get some money while on vacation. Sweet!
  5. Have a movie marathon.
  6. Make a new recipe – be creative on the kitchen and make your very own homemade dish. Just don’t get your house on fire
  7. STUMBLE! – download stumbleupon toolbar on your browser and discover amazing websites you haven’t seen before! Just know where to stop xD
  8. Get your camera –  I love to take pictures about anything and with the use of your camera you can find many exciting things like Faces of things.
  9. Go to a mall and treat yourself! – it’s best when you have some friends to enjoy it with. yeah.
  10. Play online games -  you can try this very addictive Java game that I’ve found on the internet.
  11. Learn a new language -  to enhance your world vocabulary. mag tagalog kayo hehe.
  12. Listen to a different music – listen to a different genre of music.
  13. Make something – create something you want or need with or create some Cube art with
  14. Learn a new number system – or as they call it Octomatics
  15. Watch movies online – with Movie6.
  16. Text with your friends
  17. Go out on a swim!
  18. Go on a theme park -  the theme parks I here in the Philippines the I know about are Star City and the ever famous Enchanted Kingdom.
  19. Try something new – like learn how to drive a car, how to swim, eat something different (but completely edible of course!), how to ride a bike, and so much more.
  20. Go to a place you’ve never been to.
  21. Register to a social networking site – Friendster, Facebook, Myspace, Multiply, DeviantART, Flixter, Flickr and so muck more…
  22. Read books -  I like the books by BobOng nakakatawa pramis! haha
  23. Learn trivias –  trivias that you’ve never heard of before.
  24. Make a music video about yourself -  make it an EPIC! xD
  25. Learn a new sport.
  26. Write a story or poem
  27. Walk outside!
  28. Invent something – your invention might save the world! [nah!]
  29. Build that abs! -  have a full body workout!
  30. Make money on the Internet – with a lot of money making site out there, you can find one a snap. Just don’t be fooled by some of the site out there.
  31. Share your knowledge – register to Yahoo! Answers and answer the questions of many people out there. Yeah have fun.
  32. Create a “Top 33 things to do this Summer”
  33. Leave some comments! – or subscribe to my Feeds thank you!

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