Mar 11, 2009

Stumbled much?

image Stumbling – the way of discovering things you like on the web. With so many websites out there waiting to be seen, this simply genius bookmarking site has been one ways to really discover your web. But have you noticed how long you’ve been hitting that stumble button…

Watery eyes. Smelly armpits. Muscle cramped body. Its not Football players everyone, its something we call as STUMBLE SICKNESS… the notorious BUTTON has been invading the internet ever since it was created, stumble here, stumble there It goes on and on sucking every second of your life and its only just the beginning…


True. Its really addictive since I started downloading the toolbar on my FF3 and i never stopped stumbling even as I’m writing this post on my blog I still leave two of my tabs on Firefox to be used for stumbling. The simple reason is that with the use of Stumbleupon I found many cool sites I’ve never thought existed on the web just like the Web Powder Game created by the very creative Dan Ball which me and my friends became a huge fan when I accidentally Stumbled on it very cool stuff, yeah!. There are clearly an endless possibilities you can find on the net with the use of and the ever popular “Stumble!” button. But please, just a word of advice… I beg you to go outside and give your friends a good talk, because the world misses you today […yeah right… xD] and I think its your belly that’s rumbling right now, so please don’t abuse the BUTTON. Because he will stumble you back PERMANENTLY!… I think i’ll close my Firefox now… nah!! xD

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