Feb 17, 2009

So tired – but managed to smile! xD

wow i’m so tired on this day! i can’t even think of my assignments because of it! haayy…

Well we finished our Doctor by Compulsion play and we performed it at the University hall yesterday! maybe i’ll put the video here after I have the time to upload the clips on Youtube because it’s very long [ Ithink it lasted for almost one hour] maybe I’ll start posting again tomorrow or if I have available time, wooh busy busy! We also have our Production about ‘Noli Me Tangere’ written by our National hero Dr. Jose Rizal [FYI Ü] well it’s still ongoing and i’m the Cameraman hehe [even though I don’t have experience in doing such that! hayy nako! haha] I can’t wait for the making of the film I promise to also put it here after it’s done! hehe

My 3rd year High School life is going to end soon and I can’t believe It! February already? oh well better make the most out of it and just enjoy the remaining days of my 3rd year life… till then! hahaha

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