Feb 11, 2009

Moymoypalaboy and Roadfill

These two guys from the Philippines [ proud to be! woohooo!] will stop at nothing just to make you laugh for hours and hours! Joining the longest running gag show in the Philippines, Bubble Gang, they have a part on the show which is called '”IYOTUBE” (from the website YOUTUBE). Here are some of their works that they had uploaded in YOUTUBE and has a total view of almost 6,000,000 persons/video! Here they are!

Their Music video of  ‘Wannabe

MARIMAR Theme song – from the hit series, of course, MARIMAR!

And the last is PAPA OOM MOW MOW! xD

there are more videos of them at YOUTUBE, you might wanna check it out for yourselves there, but I will post some of the post at maybe some other time.

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