Feb 22, 2009

How to Recover your files with DiskDigger

It’s a really pain in the neck when your most precious and life-changing “Document” about work, a “picture” of you an your crush, or your about-to-finish one hour length “video” ACCIDENTALLY been deleted by you or someone invading your privacy. But there is a way to bring them back to your hands and say goodbye to worries with DISK DIGGER!

Disk Digger can recover your most valuable files from any type of media (as long as your computer can read it). USB FLASH DRIVES, MEMORY CARDS,  and of course your HARD DRIVE – wherever your files may be Disk Digger will try to find it and restore is with ease.

  • DiskDigger scans for many different types of files, including photos, videos, music files, and documents, and displays what it finds as it scans in real time.
  • You can preview most of the files found by DiskDigger without having to save them to a different location first. More than that, you can preview files while DiskDigger continues scanning!
  • DiskDigger scans any type of media that is readable by your computer, including USB flash drives, memory cards (SD, CompactFlash, Memory Stick, etc), and your hard drive(s). Also, it is completely independent of the type of file system that’s present in your media. The program bypasses the file system and reads the raw data chunks (sectors) to recover data.
  • DiskDigger can even recover fragments of some files, like partially overwritten photos or other images.
  • DiskDigger does everything in memory, meaning that it never writes any temporary files to your disk or other media (unless you choose to save files that it recovers).
  • Since DiskDigger is a completely self-contained program, it leaves no trace on the computer where it is run. It does not save any settings to the registry. There is nothing to “install,” and the entire program is a single executable file.

DiskDigger brute-forces its way through your media, scanning it thoroughly for any trace of files that can be recovered. I don’t mean “brute-force” in any malicious way; this simply refers to the fact that DiskDigger reads every single sector of data, and scans it for traces of various file types. In this sense, DiskDigger is advantageous over an undelete utility because DiskDigger goes underneath the file system.

So why not download disk digger now and try it out for yourself! Click on the Image below to download

Download DiskDigger <<<(607 Kb) (zip file)

Or your can download on their site http://dmitrybrant.com/diskdigger 

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