Jan 21, 2009

What is your Cyborg name?

Ever Wonder what would your name be if your were a Cyborg? well here’s a cool site to know that!

Look into your name in a different way with Cyborg Name Decoder!

Cyborg Name Decoder is a really cool site to have fun with your name or your friends’. I even tried it out for myself!

Cybernetic Artificial Replicant Limited to Observation
Get Your Cyborg Name

How to create for yourself you asked?

It’s very easy! just go to the site http://cyborg.namedecoder.com and:


  1. Enter your name or your friends name
  2. Select an avatar. that picture will go together with your name
  3. A HTML code will appear. Just copy and paste to your site, profile, or anywhere and voila you now have your Cyborg name! “Prepare to meet thy doom!”

Ever wonder what BARACK OBAMA’s name mean if he was a cyborg?

Operational Biomechanical Android Manufactured for Assassination 


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