Jan 11, 2009

Phone Spell – What does your phone number spell?

Ever wonder how would your phone number or your student ID spell like? well this site will give you just that!

PhoneSpell is a site that shows you what words or phrases your phone number spells to help you decide if you want to keep it or not, it's a good site to help you on your business, for example, to let customers to easily remember your telephone number with the use of words.

The site uses mnemonics of a regular telephone to have corresponding numbers or letters like this:

                 ABC => 2    DEF => 3    GHI => 4    JKL => 5                 
MNO => 6 PQRS => 7 TUV => 8 WXYZ => 9

So do you want to begin impressing your friends about your telephone number? just simply go to the site and on the box write your phone number and click on submit, after loading you'll see the corresponding words of your phone number it’s that easy! –or- you can write the words that you want on the box and see the corresponding number of it.

I somehow tried it on my Student ID number, which is ”06400247”, and the result was: 0-oh-00-air (xD)

You can even write code to your friends with the use of this technique and let them translate what it means, like this:  4-5683-968

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