Jan 1, 2009

Make your lame photos laughable - Photofunia.com

PhotoFunia Photofunia.com is a great site to  turn, publish and share your lousy old pictures to good-to-laugh-at photos!
Do you feel bored about your pictures? well Photofunia.com is a great site to change the way you look at your pictures by giving unique and unusual effects on your face. Enhanced with face-detection technology, faces on your pictures will amazingly and automatically be captured and give your pictures a little twist. with over 80+ effects to choose from, you'll sure to have fun to choose your perfect effect for your image.

Here's an example on the site:

Here's how to do it!:

  1. Go to photofunia.com
  2. Select an effect that you like to use on your picture.
  3. Select your picture* by clicking on the "Choose File" button and choose the pic that you want to have the effect that you chose earlier. *Picture with faces is highly recommended.
  4. Wait for your photo to process and Voila! Your picture has been "photofunia"-tized! you may choose to:
  • save the pic on your computer,
  • save as avatar or
  • publish your picture!
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