Jan 23, 2009

How to Create (Parody) Motivational Posters?

Despair.com has a cool generator to for your motivational needs, whether if you want someone to be motivated or just want to give a good laugh this generator is perfect for you! THE WAR AGAINST MOTIVATION CONTINUES!
A very easy way to create motivational posters and I think it's the very first of it's kind here on the net! I've been always fascinated by these posters with really thick and black borders especially the very funny one scattered throughout the web. I really want to create some of mine to impress and give my friends a good laugh at their motivational posters with their picture on it. Like this! xD


It never gets old. with different and unlimited ideas to choose from, this really i a great way to spend your weekends! xD

So do you want to create now your own? just follow these steps!

  1. Go to Despair.com and Click the “DIY” tab at the top and you’ll come across the Parody motivational poster generator at the bottom


  1. Now Upload your photo that you want to use to go with your poster
  2. Adjust the orientations and Colors of your motivator/ de-motivator
  3. Pick a catchy title, it’s essential for a motivator/ de-motivator to have a very good starting title
  4. And last but not the least! the MOTIVATIONAL TEXT! when your done click Create Poster and wait for it to load
  5. Voila! you have Created your Motivational/De-motivational Poster show it to your friends and give them a laugh for themselves. hehe

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