Jan 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy new year Everyone!

The 366 days of 2008 is over and another year is just beginning!
Welcome to 2009 folks, friends, kabarkada, kapamilya, kapuso!

Firecrackers shouting, roaring, and thundering all over the place, everybody's cooking delicious and sumptuous foods for us to eat, amazing Fireworks Display that fills in the night sky, It's everybodys favorite holiday! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
It just happens so fast isn't it? haha it's like yesterday was the start of classes which is June next thing you know it's Dec 31 na!!

Myself as a Filipino, nothing beats a perfect food during the holidays like:
Spaghetti topped with lots of cheese, Homemade Pizza, Pancit Palabok, Hamon Lechong Baboy, Sparkling white Wine,and of course! Sisig for pulutan [hehe]
And for dessert: Leche Flan, Biko, Grahams , Buko Salad, more Grahams, Sago't Gulaman for drinks! wow! xD

I love it when the new year comes, because nowadays, for most people, it's the only time that you get together with your friends, loved ones especially your relatives na makukulit hehe. and that's a good way to spend your new year... to be with your loved ones haha. New year is the time to change, it's time to have your new year resolutions and you must promise to do it (that's why i don't have new year resolutions hehe)

I bet this year is going to be the best year of my life (I hope... I can feel it haha)

what do you think hehe?

How did you celebrate your New Year celebration? ^^

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