Jan 26, 2009

The Doctor By Compulsion Script -Download

The Doctor by Compulsion


In the Doctor By Compulsion Moliere ridicules the pretentiousness of seventh century doctors. the play we have here is a farce , lacking the fuller treatment of character which Moliere is famous for in such play as The Miser. The Doctor by Compulsion exploits obvious situations with broad strokes of fun. The humor of the play comes from see pompous and overbearing characters made to look foolish by the leading character, Sganarelle, who assumes the role of doctor in spite of himself.

  1. the available download here is the ".jpg" version of the script. (a sample is the above image – not the original size)
  2. The downloadable script is a Xerox copy of the script on a book, and not the original whatsoever.
  3. Download The
    Doctor by
    Compulsion .zip
    <<< ( 1.5MB )

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