Dec 29, 2008

School Videos!

IHere are some videos that were made at our School NEU [New Era University]
located at #9 Central Avenue New Era, Quezon City, Philippines! xD

leave some comments on the videos if you want to! xD


The video is about my section 3-Chrysoprase and our performance for the finals of the annual Nutition month last August 2008. We were crowned as Champions at that time, and the Section 3- Jacinth won 2nd place and 3- Sardonyx won 3rd Place.

Another video is the Cultural presentation still 3-Chrysoprase by Group 1 [we have two groups by the way]. This is sort of a Project for our Social Studies Class...

...And here's another one by Group 2. I think the two videos was depictin about the history of North and South America if i'm not mistaken... haha [nakalimutan ko na yata]

PRISAAP Singkil Presentation:

This Video naman is about our Presentation of Singkil that was performed by our fellow PRISAAP delegates on Baguio City at the annual PRISAAP Convention, but this video was taken na at our school we we head back home...

Other Videos by 3- Chrysoprase:
And of course here are two videos that were made by 3-Chrysoprase during our Break Time, Practice, Uwian, "Walang Magawa" Time, etc. etc. hehe...
Well here's Clip no 1. Entitled - Kaadikan Sa Havens

This took place at our favorite 'Tambayan', The Midcentre Havens (located at: beside New Era University xD) pasensya na mga gutom lang po kami... hahaha

And Here's Clip no. 2 - Friday the 12th

This video is a compilation of our practice of the "Musical Play", with some funny scenes attached. hehe.... Taken and Edited by Yours Truly! wahaha. :D

well that's it for our school videos, I hope that We can make some more videos before the school year ends or if we can make more videos like this, I can make it as a weekly post! hehe
what do you think?! :)

Don't Forget to leave some comments and/or Suggestions! thanks!
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